Chair Terry Sandoval: 1959-2022

The Alameda County Democratic Party mourns the untimely passing of our beloved Madam Chair Terry Sandoval, who led our local Democratic Party with honor, distinction, and that magic touch of which only she was capable. In a few short months, Chair Sandoval unified us, gave us a common purpose, and always, always reminded us of our shared humanity. Chair Sandoval was a champion for working families, a warrior for justice, our fearless leader. She was also a beloved mother, sister, and life partner.

Our heart goes out to John, Joseph, Maria, Tony, and all of her family. Terry’s moral compass, shining so brightly from the heavens, has never led us astray. As long as we continue the work that our Madam Chair has begun for us on this earth, she will always guide us to build a better, more just, and just a more fun world. There has not been a more caring, compassionate, fierce fighter. Chair Sandoval was and will always be the real deal. Rest In Peace, Power, and Paradise Sister.