ACDCC Resolutions

ACDCC Guidelines to Submit Resolutions
Affirmed July 14, 2023

Section 1. Form:
(A) All resolutions must be typed and include a title. Titles should not be in all capital letters.

(B) Resolutions must be limited to one (1) 8 1/2″ x 11″ page, and have not more than 400 words.

(C) There can be no more than three (3) ‘Whereas’ clauses and two (2) ‘Resolved’ clauses.

(D) All resolutions must be submitted by two of the following: Central Committee Member, Alternate or Associate and should state name and/or organization it originated from (at the bottom of the document). The author(s) and sponsor(s) should be listed at the bottom.

(E) Resolutions from outside Alameda County should first be approved by the submitter’s central committee unless they are specifically relevant to Alameda County and must be submitted by two members, alternates, and/or associates of ACDCC.

The Guidelines for the California Democratic Party’s Resolutions Committee can be found at:

Section 2. Routine Resolutions:
(A) Resolutions that are not time sensitive must be submitted via email to one (1) week in advance of the general Central Committee meeting before 5 pm of the preceding week. The Corresponding Secretary will then email the resolution to the members of the Resolution Committee.

(B) The author/spokesperson for the resolution should meet with the Resolutions Committee on the Tuesday immediately prior to the general meeting at 6:30pm sharp to be able to discuss and/or answer questions. Meetings are via Zoom.

(C) It is useful if the author/spokesperson brings sufficient copies of the resolution to be passed out to Central Committee Members attending in person. The resolutions will also be emailed by the secretary.

(D) The Resolutions Committee will then meet in committee, to recommend adoption, amendment, tabling or rejection of the resolution.

(E) A resolution adopted by the Central Committee, requires a majority (50% plus one (1)) vote of the voting Members or Alternates in attendance.

If the Resolution is sent to the Resolutions Committee Co-Chairs at a sufficiently early time, then they will try to provide feedback that may facilitate passage.

Section 3. Emergency Resolutions:
(A) A resolution that needs to be brought forth to the Central Committee close to the night of the general meeting can do so by following all the rules in Section 1 and Section 2, above; only one ACDCC member/alternate/associate sponsor is required.

Please email the Resolution to as soon as possible.

Submitted by: The Resolutions Committee:
Michael Barnett, Co-chair
Moina Shaiq, Co-chair
Barisha Spriggs, Co-chair

• The deadline to submit a timely resolution for consideration is 5 pm on the Wednesday before the ACDCC meeting (The ACDCC meeting is on the first Wednesday of the month).

• The Resolutions Committee reviews all resolutions proposed to the committee, usually on the Tuesday before the ACDCC meeting, at 6:30 pm via Zoom.

BEFORE SUBMITTING RESOLUTIONS, make sure to read guidelines (above)

• For a resolution to be considered, it must be sponsored by a member/alternate/associate(s) of the ACDCC. Be sure to include this qualifying information on the resolution, as well as the author(s).

Quick Tips on Writing a Resolution for the CDP

• Resolutions are intended to be statements of our principles. Resolutions are not directives telling anyone to do anything.

• Resolutions should not reference or take positions on specific bill numbers, legislation, or ballot initiatives. For Legislative Items, please go to the Legislation Committee.

• The resolving body of the resolution must be the Alameda County Democratic Party, not a different organization.

• After resolutions have been passed, ACDCC will send them to the office of the Governor, the Senate ProTem and the Speaker of the Assembly. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to send resolutions to anyone else.

• It is highly recommended that you read the Procedural Rules above before submitting a Resolution.

For a list of Resolutions passed and approved by the ACDCC, see below

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Committee Co-Chairs
Michael Barnett
Moina Shaiq
Barisha Spriggs