2022 Primary Endorsements Process

Attention Alameda County community members and Democratic candidates:

On Wednesday, April 6th starting at 7 PM and Saturday, April 9th starting at 11 AM, the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee will convene its endorsement process for Alameda County campaigns on the June ballot. The April 6th meeting will be devoted to ballot measures while elections with Democrats running will be considered on April 9th. At the start of both endorsement meetings, voting members will be able to submit new Alternates to vote in their place if they need to if they provide written notice to the Acting Chair, Correspondence Secretary, and/or Executive Director in advance of the meeting. Existing Alternates will be able to vote in the process if the voting Member is not present. No other business will be considered at the April 9th meeting. Non-essential business is discouraged at the April 6th meeting, but essential business will consist of our process to appoint our new Chair and fill all vacancies among voting members of the body.

As a reminder, the ACDCC requires a conflict of interest disclosure by members, alternates, associates or guests to members of this committee that said member, spouse of the member or the domestic partner of the member has a financial interest in advocating for or against a candidate for any election, state initiatives of legislation. Disclosure should be made by stating verbally when speaking, or through e-mail or other digital communication.

The races we will potentially consider (subject to nominations by at least two voting Members of the Central Committee) include contested Superior Court Judge elections, County Superintendent of Schools, Board of Education (1st, 4th, and 7th Trustee areas), Supervisor (2nd and 3rd Districts), Assessor, Auditor-Controller/Clerk-Recorder, District Attorney, Sheriff/Coroner, Treasurer/Tax Collector, Flood Control & Water Conservation District Director in Zone 7, and Union Sanitary District Director in Ward 3, as well as any ballot measures under consideration. We will not consider races for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, State Senate, State Assembly, or Constitutional Offices (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Instruction, or Board of Equalization), as those endorsement proceedings are considered under a separate process convened by the California Democratic Party and final. Those endorsements can be found at: https://cadem.org/endorsements/.

Candidates have been notified via email and physical mail. Members of the public wishing to watch these proceedings will be able to watch a livestream on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/acdemocrats, which will be posted at the time of the meeting.

To seek the endorsement of the Alameda Democratic Party:

1) Candidates must complete an online application that was made available to them on Friday, March 18th 2) Secure the nomination of two voting members of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee no later than Saturday, April 2nd at 10:59 AM.

An identical sample of that questionnaire is available for public review at: https://acdems.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/PUBLIC-SAMPLE-–-Alameda-County-Dem-Party-Candidate-Questionnaire-Primary-2022-FINAL-1.pdf.

3) Only candidates will receive the link for the official questionnaire. All Members of the Central Committee will be provided a complete list of candidates running for all seats before candidates are notified of the process.

4) Nominations from voting members of the Central Committee can be sent to endorse@acdems.org, where they will be received by the Chair, Corresponding Secretary, and Staff. Only candidates registered as Democrats since the opening of filing (Monday, February 14th) are eligible to be nominated to seek our endorsement unless they were granted an exception by the Chair (typical reasons for granting an exemption include ineligibility to register to vote by the opening of filing due to not being a citizen at that time, not being of age at that time, or not being a California resident at that time).

At the endorsement meeting, candidates will be scheduled in groups seeking the same office in blocks of time in proportion to the number of candidates and the scope of the office under consideration (for example, a countywide office with many candidates would be allotted significantly more time than a small special district with few candidates.) Efforts are made to accommodate the candidates’ schedules with special attention to local events and/or endorsement meetings that candidates for that office must attend

Candidates in each group are asked to make an opening statement, usually of a maximum of two (2) minutes. If time allows, candidates may also make a closing statement, usually of one (1) minute. The Chair and the Moderator of each panel will ask questions derived from the membership of the body, although they have permission to amend or combine questions as they deem necessary for clarity or time. Questions from Central Committee members will be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting in a process that will be explained to the membership in correspondence soon. Questions may be directed to all candidates, to groups of candidates (non-incumbents and incumbents, for example, might be posed different questions or different versions of the same question), or to individual candidates.

Upon the conclusion of the candidate group discussion, there will be a period of member discussion. Candidates will be asked asked, but will not be required, to leave the meeting at this point. Discussion generally takes place office by office, either in the same order as the candidate presentations or in ballot order. Balloting begins at any time after the designated start time for discussion. This discussion portion of the meeting will not be live streamed on Facebook.

Voting is completed through a written ballot that will be made available online to voting members. The ballot will have a section for each office under consideration. All nominated candidates and a “No Endorsement” option will be included in each section. Voters may select candidates up to the number of seats to be elected or “No Endorsement” in each section.

Candidates must receive at least 60% of the votes cast in their race to be endorsed

The number of votes cast will vary by race. Sections left blank are not counted toward the threshold for endorsement but sections marked for candidates or for “No Endorsement” are counted toward the 60% threshold. Under our bylaws, we can not endorse more candidates than seats that can be filled for a given office, and we do not have a system of ranked choice recommendations. It is possible for more than one candidate to earn our endorsement in a race where multiple people can win, provided multiple candidates receive more than 60% of the vote. Our official list of endorsements will be announced on our website and social media upon conclusion of the process and verification of the vote count by the Chair (plus one other officer or member of the committee).

Ballots will be preserved and may be inspected by members or candidates. Such inspection would occur at a time convenient both to ACDP officers and/or staff and to those requesting the inspection

Nothing in this description of the June 2022 endorsement process should be considered binding for future endorsement processes. Our Bylaws Committee, in consultation with our Political Action Committee, will be reviewing suggested changes to our endorsement process after June.

Code of Conduct:

The ACDCC recognizes the California Democratic Party’s Code of Conduct which is committed to providing a welcoming, respectful, friendly, safe, supportive and harassment-free environment for members, employees and all others associated with the CDP. The CDP expects all leaders, members, employees and others associated with the CDP to act professionally respecting the personal rights and dignities of all individuals involved with the party as to create a productive inclusive environment for all, supportive and harassment free environment for members.