ACDCC Sub-Committees

Budget And Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee helps maintain and advise on a biennial budget and ensures that the ACDCC adheres to it.

John Smith, Chair
Vinnie Bacon
Brittni Chicuata
Ellen Corbett
Phillip Daly
Todd Davis
Elisa Marquez
Denise Martellaci
Glenn Nate
George Perezvelez
Michele Pryor
Nancy Thomas

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Bylaws and Rules Committee

The Bylaws and Rules Committee helps maintain and revise the ACDCC’s bylaws and standing rules.

Jeromey Shafer, Chair
Lance Kwan
Jeff Nibert
Corina Lopez
Rocky Fernandez
Jean Josey
Tonya Love
Trish Munro
Igor Tregub
Jim Oddie
Royce Kelley

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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is charged with maintaining the ACDCC’s social media assets and creating website and social media content as applicable

Jackie Tarin-Rankl, Chair
Ruben Hernandez Story
Katelyn Keeshen
Andy Kelley
Dyana Delfin-Polk
Cheryl Cook-Kallio
Tashon Thomas
Samir Qureshi
Clarissa Doutherd
Doug Blacksher
Kyla Sinegal
Melody Davis

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Community Action, Organizing, and Voter Registration Committee

The Community Action, Organizing, and Voter Registration Committee (formerly the Political Action Committee) is charged with advancing voter registration and issue-based advocacy.

Donald Lathbury, Lead Co-Chair
Shay Franco-Clausen, Co-Chair
Julie Caskey, Co-Chair

Paola Laverde
Kristy Boer
Austin Bruckner
Pamela Drake
Carlotta Brown
Allyssa Victory
Robin Torello
Aladrian Hillmon
JP Sahi
Jess Bartholow
Jennifer Shanoski
Desmond Jeffries
Pamela Price
Julie Waters

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Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating regular events such as the Unity Dinner and Picnic as well as any other events that may within the body’s interest and capacity.

Sharlene Saria-Mansfield, Co-Chair
Mel Shuen-Mallory, Co-Chair
Sean Dugar, Co-Chair

Anish Mohanty
Deneen Ogbeide
Jamie Yee
Richard Li
Linda Dewlaney
John “Chip” Moore
Rodney Nickens
Janani Ramachandran
Marty Kludjan
James Farley

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Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee works with the ACDCC chair to craft and implement a fundraising strategy for the ACDCC

George Perezvelez, Chair
Victor Aguilar
Deepka Lalwani
Sarah Richardson
Raj Salwan
Kathy Neal
Crystal Araujo
Elizabeth Echols
Ben Bartlett
Yogi Chugh
Seth Steward
Dolly Adams

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Legislation Committee

The Legislation Committee solicits and recommends state and federal legislative positions to the ACDCC.

Yoana Tchoukleva, Co-Chair
Shivani Grover, Co-Chair

Alfred Twu
Hayden Sidun
Avery Arbaugh
Lynna Do
Soli Alpert
Alli Rodriguez
Robbie Kreitz
Marie Gilmore
Chaney Turner
Sue Eustice

Contact Legislation Committee:

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee solicits, helps craft, and recommends resolutions to the ACDCC

Michael Barnett, Co-Chair
Moina Shaiq, Co-Chair
Barisha Spriggs, Co-Chair

Lisa Williams
Howard Egerman
Jim Prola
Ann Schwartz
Hon. Terry Taplin
Austin Tam
Olivia Sanwong
Royl Roberts
Andrea Luna Bocanegra
Sybil Smith

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Strategies for Change Committee

The Strategies for Change Committee researches best practices from other Democratic Party entities and makes recommendations for their implementation to the ACDCC Executive Board.

Brendalynn Goodall, Chair
Debbi Pearson
Janice Gebhardt
Wendy Bloom
Bobbi Lopez
Valerie Arkin
Alex Randolph
James Chang
Iris Merriouns
Lynette Henley (Advisory)

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Website and Information Technology Committee

The Website and Information Technology Committee advises the ACDCC EBoard on the maintenance of and revisions to the ACDCC website and all other digital assets except social media.

Nick Pilch, Chair
Ces Rosales
Mel Shuen-Mallory
Sam Arons
Vinnie Bacon (Advisory)

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Other Appointments

Lance Kwan, Parliamentarian

George Perezvelez, Deputy Treasurer