About Us

The Alameda County Democratic Party coordinates the party’s activities throughout the county, making endorsements, organizing events and directing resources to support local, state and national candidates. Its governing body, the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, is charged under state law with overseeing the Party’s local activities and campaigns, under the general direction of the California Democratic Party.

The Central Committee consists of members elected from each of the county’s State Assembly Districts, as well as the Democratic nominees for Congress, State Senate, Assembly, and State Constitutional office.

The Central Committee’s members are elected every four years on the party’s Presidential primary ballot, and meet monthly throughout the year. In addition to the members listed here, Alternate and Associate members are appointed at the Committee’s discretion.

The Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month (except during July or election months). Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.