Please view resolution guidelines for the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee:

Guidelines for Submitting Resolutions.  Affirmed 7/7/2013.

Resolutions Committee Co-Chairs are Michael Barnett & Barisha Spriggs

Below are resolutions passed by the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee.

2021 Resolutions.

Seeking Justice for Workers at Golden Gate Fields; passed 1/6/2021
Support an Inclusive Redistricting Process for Alameda County; passed 1/6/2021
Support of Rob Bonta appointment to Attorney General; passed 2/3/2021
Support of Tenant Opportunity for Purchase Act Berkeley; passed 2/3/2021
Support Waivers for Single-Payer Healthcare System; passed 2/3/2021
Opposing Expansion of Domestic National Security and Surveillance; passed 2/3/2021
Resolution on COVID-19 and Palestine; passed 2/3/2021
Reaching in Support of 100% Zero Emission Vehicle Sales; passed 2/3/2021

Historic Resolutions:

Coal Free Oakland. Passed 5/6/2015
Emeryville Minimum Wage. Passed 4/1/2015.
Ban on Fracking. Passed 3/4/2015.
Events in Ferguson. Passed 10/1/2014.
100% Clean Energy. Passed 9/3/2014.
Diversity in Higher Ed.Passed 7/2/2014.
Bay Restoration Authority. Passed 5/7/2014.
Transport of Hazardous Fuels. Passed 4/2/2014.
CalPERS.Passed 4/2/2014.
Fossil Fuel Divestment. Passed 3/5/2014.
Reporting of Crimes against Children. Passed 2/5/2014.
Berkeley Minimum Wage. Passed 2/5/2014.
Recycling and Fair Wages. Passed 2/5/2014.
City of Hayward Labor Dispute. Passed 1/8/2014.
Seeking Alternative Action in Syria. Passed 9/4/2013.
Trayvon Martin Resolution. Passed 9/4/2013.
BART Labor Dispute Resolution. Passed 8/7/2013.
Inclusionary Housing Resolution. Passed 8/7/2013.
Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Resolution. Passed 8/7/2013.
Peacebuilding Resolution. Passed 7/3/2013.
Close the Corporate Loopholes. Passed 3/6/2013.
Gun Safety Resolution. Passed 2/13/2013.
Secure Communities Resolution. Passed 5/2/2012.
Oaksterdam Resolution. Passed 5/2/2012.

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