Guidelines to Submit Resolutions

Affirmed August 7, 2013.

Section 1. Form:

(A)  All resolutions must be typed and include a title.

(B)  Resolutions must be limited to one (1)  8 1/2″ x 11″ page.

(C)  There can be no more than three (3) ‘Whereas’ clauses and two (2) ‘Resolved’ clauses.

(D)  All resolutions must be submitted by a Central Committee Member, Alternate or Associate and  should state name  and/or organization it  originated from (on the document).

Section 2. Routine Resolutions:      

(A)  Resolutions that are not time sensitive must be submitted via email to one (1) week in advance of the general Central Committee meeting. The Corresponding Secretary will then email the resolution to the members of the  Resolution Committee.

(B)  The author/spokesperson for the resolution must meet with the Resolutions Committee prior  to the general meeting at 6:30pm sharp to be able to discuss and/or answer questions.

(C)  The author/spokesperson must bring fifty (50) copies of the resolution to be passed  out to the  Central Committee Members, Alternates and Associates in order to bring it to the floor.

(D)  The Resolutions Committee will then meet in committee, to recommend adoption, amendment, tabling or rejection of the resolution.

(E)  A resolution adopted by the Central Committee, requires a majority (50% plus one (1)) vote  of the voting Members or Alternates in attendance.

If the Resolution is sent to the Resolutions Committee Co-Chairs at a sufficiently early time, then they will try to provide feedback that may facilitate passage.

Section 3. Emergency/Timely Resolutions:

(A)  A resolution that needs to be brought forth to the Central Committee on the night  of the general meeting, without prior screening, can do so by following all the rules in Section 1, parts (A) through (D) and Section 2, parts (B) and (C), above. Please email the Resolution to as soon as possible.

Submitted by: The Resolutions Committee:

Michael Barnett, Co-Chair
Ginny DeMartini, Co-Chair
Rick Trullinger
Howard Egerman
Chris Miley
Sybil Smith
Nancy Thomas
Igor Tregub

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