Coal Free Oakland


WHEREAS it is widely believed by the scientific community that 80% of the world’s coal reserves must stay in the ground if the planet is to have a chance of keeping global warming under 2ºC by 2050,[1] and that the mining, transport, and burning of this coal consistently results in nearly 14 million metric tons of greenhouse emissions per year[2]; and

WHEREAS terminals that ship coal provide far fewer jobs than terminals that ship containers or general cargo — and that means fewer jobs for Oakland residents; coal is increasingly an anti-union industry; and with the imminent closing of the Deer Creek mine in Emery County, Utah, there will be no union mines operating in that state[3]; and

WHEREAS West Oakland residents are already twice as likely to visit the emergency room for asthma as the average Alameda County resident, and are also more likely to die of cancer and heart and lung disease, and toxic coal dust is linked to decreased lung capacity, increased childhood bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, and heart disease[4]

BE IT RESOLVED that the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee (ACDCC) expresses its opposition to the export of fossil fuels through the Global Oakland Project (also known as the Oakland Global Trade and Logistics Center) in the Port of Oakland, as is currently being proposed by the California Capital & Investment Group (CCIG) and Terminal Logistics Solutions;[5]

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the ACDCC send a letter to the Oakland Mayor, City Council, and developer asking them to prohibit the export of fossil fuels through the Global Oakland Project and urge them not take $53 million in loans from the Utah to secure the lease of the terminals.

Respectfully submitted by Igor Tregub (AD15), Andy Kelley (AD15), Jess Dervin-Ackerman (AD15 ADEM Delegate), and Michelle Myers (AD15 Resident and Sierra Club Chapter Director)





[5] It has recently come to light that CCIG and Terminal Logistics Solutions have been soliciting a partnership with four Utah counties — Sevier, Sanpete, Carbon and Emery — to allow them to export five to six million tons of Utah coal each year from mines owned by Bowie Resources (

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