Resolution to Support Establishment of a Regional Funding Stream for San Francisco Bay Habitat Restoration, Flood Protection, and Shoreline Public Access

Adopted by the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Whereas, in the decades following the Gold Rush, a full third of the Bay was diked off or filled for development such that by 1961 residents of the Bay Area had access to less than six miles of shoreline, and the bay was choked with raw sewage and industrial pollution;

Whereas, through the tireless work of thousands across the Bay Area for the past 50 years, tens of thousands of acres of former Bay habitat has been restored, allowing millions of fish, birds, and other wildlife to thrive across the Bay region, yet we are still far from the 100,000 acres of tidal marsh habitat that scientists agree is required for a healthy Bay;

Whereas, the San Francisco Bay Area’s economy and incredible quality of life are dependent upon the San Francisco Bay; that the Bay is a world-class treasure, and a thriving estuary supporting hundreds of species of fish and wildlife;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Alameda County Democratic Party hereby recognizes the unique and critical role of the San Francisco Bay to those living and working in the Bay Area, and that restoring wetland habitat across the Bay is of critical importance to us all;

Therefore be it further resolved, that the Alameda County Democratic Party publicly supports the work of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority in placing a regional funding measure before Bay Area voters to create a new and much needed stream of local funds so that this critical restoration work can help reverse past impacts and keep San Francisco Bay clean, safe, and healthy for generations to come.

Paid for by the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, P.O. Box 3937 Hayward, CA 94540-3937. 
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